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How To Improve Kerb Appeal With Reclaimed Bricks

How To Improve Kerb Appeal With Reclaimed Bricks - Reclaimed Brick Company

Helen Garner |

When selling a home, first impressions do count. Essentially, the façade of a property hugely contributes to how attractive it appears from its kerb, otherwise known as kerb appeal. 

Whether a commercial or residential property, the impact of crafting a ‘wow-factor’ in the initial moments of viewing, can’t be overlooked. From garden features to polished porches and beautifully-crafted gates, a welcoming entrance undoubtedly sets the tone for the entire property. 

While manicured lawns are carefully considered, the same should apply to the choice of stones and bricks used within the construction of garden walls, driveways and extensions. The materials used within stone walls, brick extensions, and more can differ hugely in colour and size, making it all the more important in getting this right. Developers are increasingly turning to sustainably-savvy reclaimed materials to boost property features and charm, drawing back to all-important kerb appeal. 

Reclaimed Materials For Added Charm 

‘Out with the old, and in with the new’ might be the first instinct when developing a property, but the many benefits of using reclaimed materials ring true. An environmentally conscious choice (repurposed from farmhouses to demolition projects) saves materials from being simply disregarded and sent to landfills. 

With their textured aesthetic, reclaimed materials are a more sustainable property development move, but also one necessary in preserving heritage. Having weathered the test of time, reclaimed materials can hark back to the Victorian, Georgian, and Tudor eras, and were typically crafted by hand. Building to preserve architectural history, reclaimed stones can even be used to match the period features within a home. With a whole plethora of colours, shapes, and sizes, no reclaimed stone appears identical to another, undeniably preserving character and adding value.

The Multi-Uses Of Reclaimed Brick

From a driveway to a garden wall, reclaimed materials can ooze charm across a whole range of features, contributing to all-important kerb appeal. 

A popular choice for reclaimed materials are garden walls. Designed to provide security and privacy, the strength and endurance of a garden wall requires careful thought. Hand-crafted and made from 100% natural clay, reclaimed bricks shine through as the obvious choice when selecting for strength. To illustrate, the average modern brick weighs in at 1kg, whilst reclaimed bricks triumph at typically 4kg each. Whether ensuring secure walls across residential or commercial developments, reclaimed bricks take the prize. Unlike their modern counterpart, they also are without perforations and core holes. 

But, whether you’re building a garden wall or embarking upon a larger scale home renovation project, reclaimed bricks have cemented their popularity within extension developments. Time and time again, matching extension bricks to the existing co-joined property, has presented a challenge. Naturally, bricks will weather over time, resulting in a mismatch with their older counterparts. Instead, a consistent blend can be carefully selected when opting for reclaimed materials, not least for the vast array of options available. 

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