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Reclaimed Brick Company

All Our Bricks Are Cleaned & Sorted by Hand

Through a four stage process, setting a new standard for reclaimed bricks. It's never been easier to buy reclaimed bricks & materials online

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Featured at

Chelsea Flower Show

The Savills Garden used Reclaimed Bricks to create a warm and welcoming environment that had an ageless feel.

Reclaimed Common Blend Bricks Garden Project, London - Reclaimed Brick Company

Reclaimed Brick Company

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Browse our extensive range of reclaimed materials online or visit our reclamation yard in person

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Reclamation & Brick Yard

Over 50 Bricks Styles To Choose From

Here at reclaimed brick company we have a continuous large variety of bricks and other reclaimed building materials on offer, contact us today to see how we can supply your project

Reclaimed Stone

Reclaimed Building & Architectural Stone

We have a huge stock pile of Reclaimed Building Stone and architectural features salvaged from old mills and pubs across England

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  • Trust

    Unique in our industry and leading the way, we value our trusted trade customers and we are all about building relationships with our clients who in turn benefit from our trusting trade partnership.

  • Quality

    Our attention to detail is synonymous with our name and our Research & Development Team are devoted to a program of regular quality control checks on all of our products.

  • Support

    Our people are a helpful and hands-on team of bricklayers, landscapers, horticulturalists and construction based experts. We provide full technical support and an unrivalled sample service.

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Reclaimed Bricks

Every brick we reclaim goes through a four stage cleaning process and two stage quality control. This rigorous process ensures only the best quality bricks are reclaimed and made available to our customers.

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