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Reclaimed Bricks Cardiff

Do you want to add a bit more character and history into your build or project? We provide reclaimed bricks, natural stone, tiles, welsh slate, paving slabs, and more to our customers in Cardiff and all over the UK via our online store. We have a huge selection of new and reclaimed old bricks which are great for project builds, gardens and renovations.

Reclaimed Bricks from a Reclamation Yard

Many chose to buy reclaimed bricks from a reclamation yard such as Reclaimed Brick Company as they add charm and character to a build, the sense of history from the bricks is a real talking point. We use bricks from old demolished buildings to help reduce waste and recycle good unwanted bricks, this also goes towards environmental sustainability.

Our reclaimed bricks have a rustic worm charm about them, they have been holding buildings up for many years and have stood the test of time. By using a brick from the area you can help your extension or new build blend in with the character of the area.

What Reclamation Yards Have to Offer

Our reclamation yard has a variety of building materials and architectural salvage. Just a handful of the gems you can find are as follows:

  • Bricks
  • Roof Tiles
  • Stone
  • Paving
  • Sleepers
  • Chimney Pots
  • Millstones
  • Decorative Signs
  • Stone Troughs

Why Use Reclaimed Bricks in Cardiff?

  • Unique visual appeal
  • Character & History
  • Reducing waste and helping the environment
  • Good quality bricks

Brick Matching Service

Our expertise lies in matching bricks; our services are helpful in returning buildings to their original state. To guarantee that the bricks used in the restoration process closely resemble the original ones, we provide brick matching services and knowledgeable support. Maintaining the historical significance and visual appeal of a structure requires meticulous attention to detail. Brick matching services let you mix new and old bricks to create a seamless look, whether you're restoring a listed structure or matching bricks for a new extension.

What is the process of a reclaimed brick?

When a building is demolished into a pile of rubble. We take the rubble back to our yard in Sheffield, sort through the bricks, clean them all up and palletise them ready to be sold. If you saw our site we have an organised process of cleaning and sorting the bricks to ensure quality and standards are met. Alongside the bricks and stone, we also recover tiles and decorative salvage such as old millstones, roof tiles, stone troughs, chimneys and old signs from businesses and pubs. It is a very interesting process as you never know what gems you may find!


Where can one find reclaimed bricks in Cardiff?

You can find reclaimed bricks in Cardiff online via our shop. Reclaimed Brick Company have a huge range of bricks and also offer a brick matching service. You can also visit our yard in Sheffield.

What brick is most commonly used in Cardiff?

Bath stone, blue Pennant stone, and red brick are frequently used in the construction of Victorian and Edwardian structures in Cardiff, with the exception of Cathays Park, where Portland stone is more popular.