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Reclaimed Bricks Northampton

Would you like your build or project to have a little more history and character? We supply our customers in Northampton and throughout the UK with reclaimed bricks, natural stone, tiles, Welsh slate, paving slabs, and much more through our online store. Our extensive inventory of both new and recovered ancient bricks is ideal for home restorations, project construction, and landscaping.

Reclaimed Bricks from a Reclamation Yard

Many people choose to purchase reclaimed bricks from reclamation yards like Reclaimed Brick Company because they provide a building charm and character and because the bricks' feeling of history makes them a conversation starter. We recycle good recycled bricks and use them in our construction projects to help minimise waste and contribute to environmental sustainability.

With their weathered appearance and long history of supporting buildings, our salvaged bricks offer a certain rustic beauty. You can make your addition or new construction mix in with the areas charm by using a local brick.

What Reclamation Yards Have to Offer

Our reclamation yard has a variety of building materials and architectural salvage. Just a handful of the gems you can find are as follows:

  • Bricks
  • Roof Tiles
  • Stone
  • Paving
  • Sleepers
  • Chimney Pots
  • Millstones
  • Decorative Signs
  • Stone Troughs

Why use Reclaimed Bricks?

  • Distinct aesthetic appeal
  • Personality and Past
  • Cutting back on waste and protecting the environment
  • High-quality bricks


Brick-Matching Service

Our speciality is matching bricks; we can help restore buildings to their original condition. We offer brick matching services and expert support to ensure that the bricks used in the restoration process closely resemble the original ones. Careful attention to detail is necessary to preserve a structure's historical relevance and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're matching bricks for a new expansion or restoring a listed building, brick matching services allow you to combine old and new bricks to create a seamless appearance.

What is the Process of a Reclaimed Brick?

When a structure is destroyed and reduced to a mound of debris. After removing the debris, we return to our Sheffield yard to go through the bricks, clean them all, and palletise them in preparation for sale. As you may see by looking at our website, we sort and clean the bricks in an orderly manner to make sure that standards and quality are satisfied. In addition to bricks and stone, we also rescue beautiful items like roof tiles, chimneys, old signs from bars and businesses, and millstones. It's an exciting procedure since you never know what kind of jewel you might come across!

Where can I find Reclaimed Bricks in Northampton?

You can buy any of our reclaimed bricks and browse our vast selection of bricks, stone and decorative salvage on our online shop. Brick matching is also provided by Reclaimed Brick Company, which has an enormous selection of bricks. We also welcome you to come see our Sheffield yard.