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How a Station Platform was Transformed into Stone Planters for the Garden

How a Station Platform was Transformed into Stone Planters for the Garden - Reclaimed Brick Company

Helen Garner |

Here at the Reclaimed Brick Company we don’t just deal with bricks. When clearing sites, we reclaim and repurpose a variety of materials and items in the interests of recycling. Alongside bricks, we sell Reclaimed Tiles and Slates, Reclaimed Cobbles and Reclaimed Stone as well as a variety of unique items salvaged from demolition projects across the country. 

Our Reclaimed Walling Stone is ideal for building an authentically rural garden wall but how do you match the other features of your garden to maintain the rustic look?  Why not invest in one of our stone planters? Here’s a little bit of history behind them...



As part of the Sheffield City Masterplan Scheme, the Grade II listed Sheffield station was earmarked for modernisation and restoration.  Rather than the existing structure ending up in landfill, the Reclaimed Brick Company were called in to help with the clearance of the site.



Among the items retrieved were numerous stone blocks which originally made up the platform at the railway station. These were salvaged and brought back to our yard to be repurposed and rehomed.  To make an attractive offering to the many customers that visit us looking for decorative salvage items for their homes and gardens, we came up with the idea of transforming the blocks into troughs or planters.



Our stonemason carefully marked out the area to be removed from the centre of the stone and work began to to transform the stone block into an eye-catching garden feature.



Once the bulk of the excess stone had been removed, the stonemason then carefully crafted the interior space of the block to create a trough.  The straight lines and angles formed in the centre of the piece show the precision with which the blocks have been cut by our expert craftsman.  Hard work in the heat of the summer sun - but with a rewarding result!



We added a touch of soil and bedding plants and voila! Stone planters which will fit perfectly into any country garden. These are now available on the website in various sizes.  Each trough is numbered to ensure the one you select is the one we will deliver to you.  Or you can visit our yard and peruse the whole range before making your choice.

Choose the one you want from our range and you too could have a little bit of Yorkshire heritage in your garden.

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