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5 Different Types Of Reclaimed Bricks For Property Development

5 Different Types Of Reclaimed Bricks For Property Development - Reclaimed Brick Company

Helen Garner |

Using reclaimed bricks is a simple way to add some history to your home. Not only are they stronger than modern materials, but the Victorian and Georgian era bricks also add character and charm. They’re ideal for building, landscaping, or even to elevate your garden aesthetic. However, finding the perfect brick for your property development isn’t such a simple task. Thankfully, we’re here to help by explaining the five different types of period bricks on offer so you can find the best one for you.

Basic Building Bricks For Your Home Renovation

                   Common Blend

If you want a traditional style for your home, one option is the common brick. These were, and still are, the most popular method of brick production due to quick manufacturing times. These reclaimed bricks come in a range of styles and also have core holes running through them for a lightweight option that’s easy to handle. If you have a smaller budget or like the simplistic look of common bricks, these may be ideal for your next home renovation project.



Alternatively, wirecut bricks are another classic option. Since they lack the holes of the common bricks, they’re a more durable option to spruce up any property development. They especially suit Edwardian houses if that’s the look that you’re trying to achieve.

Adding Style and Interest To Your Property

              Tudor Brick

If you want some reclaimed bricks that offer more character, look no further than the skilled craftsmanship of handmade bricks. While they tend to be more expensive than other options, these unique bricks will add value and interest to your home. Our personal favourite is our Tudor handmade bricks, which create a more rugged and natural effect.



Another option for making your home renovation more attractive is facing bricks. These are often higher quality common bricks with an added surface effect to just one side, which is visible once they’ve been laid. They may be styled to look like traditional brickwork, or they may have added colours like our reclaimed white glazed tile brick for modern property developments.



Bricks are not just for Walls

Our paving bricks offer the perfect solution if you are looking to extend the look and style of your house to your driveway and beyond.  Check out our clay paving bricks or, if you fancy a touch of colour, we also have some blue paving bricks which may take your fancy. 

                Blue Paving Brick


Reclaimed Bricks To Use As Decoration

There are way more reclaimed materials than simply rectangular bricks. We also offer brick specials on our decorative salvage page, which contains unique and charming items that deserve a place in your home. This includes everything from triangle wall coping bricks to Victorian air brick vents – basically, anything aside from the traditional brick that adds more flair to your property development.

As you can see, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to selecting the perfect reclaimed bricks. Our teams travel across the UK to source old bricks from demolition sites of schools, factories and farms, so we can guarantee that we’ll have something to suit your home.

Shop our entire reclaimed brick range to get started with your property development today. We deliver nationwide or you can visit our yard and collect your bricks,

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