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How We Source Reclaimed Bricks For Sustainable Buildings

How We Source Reclaimed Bricks For Sustainable Buildings - Reclaimed Brick Company

Helen Garner |

First of all, why is it important to source reclaimed bricks? What is it about using reclaimed building materials that makes buildings sustainable? Well, using reclaimed bricks saves the need for new materials. It prevents discarded materials from ending up in landfills. It is the most environmentally friendly, forward-thinking option for building. This is why we specialise in providing reclaimed building materials across the UK. 

How Do We Source Reclaimed Bricks?

We consider ourselves a bit like treasure hunters – well, reclaimed brick treasure hunters, to be exact. Our team of experts know where to source prime brick buildings that will reap the best results for brick reclaiming, whether that be from derelict farmhouses or large commercial developments. Although a building might be at the end of its life, that doesn’t mean the bricks have to be too. From a pile of rubble, we can see which bricks are worth picking and saving. And it’s not just bricks. Carefully, we reclaim stone, timber, roof tiles, metal, and anything else we can recycle. 

We have an eye for strong bricks. Bricks that will stand the test of weather and time. Bricks with unique character. Bricks that date back to the Victorian, Georgian, or even Tudor eras. Furthermore, in the post-war era, the new demand for housing saw manufacturers change how bricks were made. As a result, bricks changed size. So, if you are trying to match a brick to a pre-war building, you’re going to need reclaimed bricks to keep the appearance uniform.    


What Happens With Reclaimed Building Materials?

So, we’ve found a brick to reclaim. What happens next? After we’ve salvaged high-quality reclaimed building materials, we must prepare the brick for use. Basically, we need to turn it from an old brick to a reclaimed brick. Our team of experts chip the mortar off the bricks. Then, we check the quality of the clean brick – we like to be sure about these things. Once we’re sure of the quality of the brick, we sort the bricks by hand. We know our bricks. From the Cheshire Pre-War Weathered Common Wirecut brick to the reclaimed 2 ¼ Georgian handmade brick. Following that, we stack the bricks onto pallets. We finish by wrapping the pallets to ensure they’re safe for transportation. As sustainability is at the heart of what we do, the remaining rubble is crushed into aggregate. Our aggregate can be purchased from our website, just as our bricks are. That way, no less than 100% of the material is recycled.

How do Reclaimed Bricks Become Sustainable Buildings?

That’s where our customers come in. Whether they need a new garden wall, a granite cobbled firepit, or a courtyard wall – our reclaimed bricks will do just the job. We offer a brick match service so that you can be sure you’ve chosen the right brick for you. Additionally, we’re happy to send brick samples out to customers so that you can see it before it evolves into your patio. 

And there you have it. A building made from reclaimed building materials. A building that is more sustainable. And since sustainable buildings are built from bricks with legacy, bricks that have already proven their ability to withstand the strains of time, you can rest assured that they’ll stand strong for years to come. Sustainable buildings are recycling-in-action, and we’re proud to be part of it! Check out our online collection of reclaimed building materials here.

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