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The Plough Pub - where football history was made

The Plough Pub - where football history was made - Reclaimed Brick Company

Helen Garner |

The Plough pub in Sandygate Road, Crosspool, Sheffield stands opposite what is officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as "The Oldest Football Ground in the World", the current home of Hallam FC.  A public house has stood on this site since 1695.  Back in the latter part of the nineteenth century, the pub hosted numerous committee meetings where the “Sheffield Rules” of football were discussed, some of which would go on to be adopted into the Laws of the Game created by the newly formed Football Association. The current building dates back to 1929.

The Reclaimed Brick Company has been tasked with undertaking the demolition of the Plough following a recent planning decision by Sheffield Council with the site due to be used to build new housing.

The demolition of the pub is following a meticulously managed and staged process.

The first step is to carefully soft strip the building with all items of value salvaged, including fireplaces, lighting and signs.

 This set of cast iron bollards once adorned the front of the pub.

The next stage is to strip the roof using a telehandler and man cage with all roofing materials being preserved in order to be repurposed elsewhere.

Then, finally, the remainder of the building will be safely demolished using an excavator.

100% of the materials on site will be recycled. Waste timber will be reused as biomass fuel. Good timber will be salvaged and made into reclaimed flooring.

Bricks and stone will be dressed for reuse in construction projects all around the UK.

This gives our customers another opportunity to own a piece of Sheffield and football's heritage. 

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