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Designing with Reclaimed Bricks: Inspiration and Tips for Your Project

Designing with Reclaimed Bricks: Inspiration and Tips for Your Project - Reclaimed Brick Company

David Johnson |

Designing using reused bricks may provide a distinctive and appealing aesthetic to your project while also helping to lessen your carbon impact. Reclaimed bricks are gaining popularity among architects and designers because they provide a diversity of textures, colours, and forms that can bring character and warmth to any room. We'll provide some ideas and strategies for creating with reused bricks in this post to help you construct a beautiful and sustainable project.


Why Choose Reclaimed Bricks for Your Project?

Reclaimed bricks are a sustainable and environmentally beneficial building material. You are minimising the quantity of rubbish that goes into landfills and protecting natural resources by utilising reused bricks. Furthermore, because they have previously survived the test of time, recovered bricks are frequently more durable and of greater quality than newly made bricks. Reclaimed bricks' varied textures and hues may also add character and intrigue to your project, providing a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

 How to Source Reclaimed Bricks

There are several methods available for obtaining reused bricks for your project. Search for brick reclamation yards that specialise in selling salvaged bricks. You may also look for reused bricks by searching internet marketplaces or classified advertisements. Another alternative is to look for recycled bricks at demolition sites or contact local constructors. When acquiring reused bricks, be sure to look at the quality as well as the amount available to ensure you have enough for your project.

 Consider Your Design Style

While creating with reused bricks, keep your overall design style in mind. Reclaimed bricks complement a wide range of design aesthetics, including rustic, industrial, and futuristic. But, how you utilise the bricks might alter the overall appearance of your project.

 Mixing and Matching Bricks

Mixing and mixing various types of recycled bricks may result in a distinctive and eclectic aesthetic. While mixing and matching bricks, keep in mind the colour, texture, and size of the bricks. To add interest, use bricks with similar colours or tones and vary the texture and size. Experimenting with different layouts and patterns can also aid in the discovery of the ideal blend for your project.

 Cleaning and Preparing Reclaimed Bricks

It is critical to clean and prepare reused bricks before utilising them in your project. A wire brush or pressure washer can be used to remove mortar or other debris from reclaimed bricks. It is also critical to inspect the bricks for any damage or cracks, since these might compromise their structural integrity. Before using reclaimed bricks, they should be totally dried, and any damaged bricks should be destroyed.

 Working with a Professional

Designing with salvaged bricks may be a fun and gratifying undertaking, but if you're not familiar with the technique, it's best to work with an expert. A expert can assist you in locating high-quality reused bricks as well as providing design and installation advice. They may also make certain that your project complies with local construction standards and regulations.

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