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Multi-purpose bricks with tiny holes provide shelter for solitary bees

Honey bee entering recycled bee brick

Luke Clarke |

Using Bricks to Save The Bees

The bee bricks by Reclaimed Brick Company (View full range here) are the same size as regular metric bricks but integrate a series of narrow openings like the ones where solitary bees usually nest. Made of reclaimed concrete, the brick is solid at the back and has moulded cavities of various sizes, where the bees can lay their eggs, sealing the entrance with mud or chewed-up vegetation. The brick provides a stylish nesting site for non-swarming bees, like the red mason or leafcutter bees, and makes for a real design statement in any bee-friendly garden, or building.

The main aim of these bricks is to help save the bees, whose population is declining due to disease, habitat loss, and climate change. Solitary bees pollinate about 1/3 of the food we eat and are a vital part of our ecosystem.

 five colours of solitary bee brick block homes

Making more space for nature

If you’re looking to make more space for nature in your garden, then the bee brick is the answer. Since solitary bees are harmless and will not sting you unless you handle them roughly, you can safely integrate the bee bricks into your home, without having to worry about your pets and children. The bee brick can really be used in any urban space and places where there may not be alternative nesting sites, either built into a wall or simply standing alone.


Adding a touch of nature to a construction project

The bee bricks are available in five different colours to suitably match a whole range of different brick types, colours and materials. The Bee Brick should be positioned in a warm sunny spot, south-facing, with no vegetation in front of the fascia. Ideally placed at least 1 meter from the ground with no upward limit.

 Bee brick used in the construction of new house


Solitary bees are fascinating to watch and a wonderful way to introduce kids to bees, solitary bees have no queen or honey to protect, meaning they are non-aggressive and won't sting.

Made in england - bee brick homes for solitary bees

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