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The Environmental Advantages of Using Reclamation Yards

The Environmental Advantages of Using Reclamation Yards - Reclaimed Brick Company

David Johnson |

The Environmental Advantages of Using Reclamation Yards

In an era where 'reduce, reuse, recycle' is not just a catchphrase but an essential lifestyle choice, reclamation yards offer a sustainable approach to both construction materials and interior design. As we realise the urgency to limit waste and reduce the carbon footprint, reclamation yards are becoming increasingly popular.
Here's why:

Definition of Reclaimed Materials

Before we delve deeper, it's important to clarify what we mean by 'reclaimed materials'. Essentially, these are materials which have been previously used in some way and are then extracted for a second, third or even fourth use in a new project. This reclaimed material could include everything from bricks, tiles, and wood, to larger items like bathtubs, doors, and window frames.

You can come across some really good finds in a reclamation yard. Older building that have been demolished and very unique pieces can be found, such as dated stone, or old signs from pubs. These quirky little finds can really make a difference to the unique feel of your building project too. Most reclamation yards will be able to give you the story behind the stone so you know where it has come from to complete the story of your build or feature.

The Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Bricks For Your Project

  1. Eco-Friendly: Using reclaimed bricks reduces the demand for new ones, thus conserving natural resources and reducing the carbon emissions that are a by-product of the brick manufacturing process. We hate to see waste, which is why we started the business in the first place.

  2. Unique Aesthetics: Every reclaimed brick tells a story. They can add character, charm, and a vintage touch to your project. Ask your local yard about the pieces, chances are they will know where they came from.

  3. Cost-effective: In many cases, reclaimed bricks are more affordable than new ones, offering potential cost savings.

  4. Availability: You may have an existing old property you wish to extend, but the stone, brick or roof tiles are no longer made. Chances are that a reclamation yard have them in or can source them for you.

Reclaimed Brick Company

A More Sustainable Way to Shop

Reclamation yards are the epitome of a circular economy. They take what was old, making it new again, reducing the demand on virgin building materials. We take demolished building materials and save them from landfill waste to reuse on building projects.

  1. Energy Conservation: Manufacturing new products consumes more energy than reusing old ones.
  2. Waste Reduction: Instead of ending up in landfills, these materials find a new life.

All of our stone and brick is cleaned up and palleted ready for you to take and use on your construction project here.

Why Reclaim?

The answer is simple: for the planet, for the economy, and for design.
  1. Environmental Benefits: We reduce the strain on landfills, reduce emissions, and save energy.
  2. Economic Advantages: Provides local jobs and often results in cost savings for consumers.
  3. Design and Authenticity: Creates unique spaces filled with character and history.

Reclaimed Bucket Barrel

Things you can find in a Reclamation Yard

  •  Reclaimed Oak Whiskey Barrels
  • Natural Yorkstone Drystone Walling
  • Reclaimed Stone Trough
  • Vintage Cast Iron Radiators
  • Reclaimed Slate Roof Tiles
  • Reclaimed Railway Sleepers
    The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

    Wood, when reclaimed, has unparalleled beauty.

    1. Durability: Older wood is often from larger, old-growth trees, making it more durable and dense than newer wood.

    2. Character and History: Each piece of reclaimed wood carries the marks and patina of its history.

    3. Reduces Deforestation: Using reclaimed wood means fewer trees need to be cut down.

    Project Clause for Reclaimed Materials

    Including a clause in your project contract to use reclaimed materials where possible is a commitment to sustainability. It shows stakeholders that the project prioritises environmentally responsible choices.

    Reclamation Yards for a Happier Planet (and a Happier You)

    The joy of discovering unique and new materials yourself, knowing you're making sustainable choices, and often saving money, can bring happiness and satisfaction. It's a win for the planet, and for you.

    Reclamation in Sustainable Development

    Modern sustainable development focuses on a holistic approach. Reclamation yards contribute by:

    1. Promoting Circular Economies: They focus on reusing rather than disposing.
    2. Conserving Biodiversity: Fewer trees felled, fewer quarries opened, less strain on natural resources.
    3. Community Building: They often foster local businesses and artisans who use reclaimed materials.

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    Why choose Reclaimed Brick Company in Sheffield?

    Our attention to detail is synonymous with our name and our Research & Development Team are devoted to a program of regular quality control checks on all of our products. We have high quality reclaimed bricks, as well as roofing tiles and decorative items.
    Our people are a helpful and hands-on team of bricklayers, landscapers, horticulturalists and construction industry- based experts. We provide full technical support and an unrivalled sample service.

    The Joy of a Reclamation Yard

    Reclamation yards are not just places to find unique materials; they're part of a larger movement towards sustainable living and development. The environmental advantages of using recycled materials in reclamation yards are clear: reduced waste, conservation of natural resources, and a decrease in energy consumption.
    So, the next time you embark on a project, consider the benefits of using reclaimed building materials. They offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing alternative that champions sustainability. With each reclaimed brick or plank of wood, we can build a brighter, more sustainable future.

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